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5 Steps to Take after a Storm Damages Your Roof in Longview

roof storm damage, storm damage repair, Longview


In the wintertime, the harsh weather in Longview can range from hail, and heavy winds, to tornadoes and ice storms. These natural conditions can cause a lot of damage to your roofing and home and it’s important to have a recovery plan in place. In this article, we’ll go over 5 steps you can take after your home sustains roof storm damage in Longview. 



roof storm damage, storm damage repair


Longview Roofing: 5 Steps Toward Storm Damage Repair 

Safety is Most Important

First, before anything else, you need to prioritize the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Carefully inspect your environment. Stay away from broken windows, shattered glass, and downed power lines, and avoid using any electrical devices if your home has flooded. 

Assess Roof Damage

Now that you have established your safety, you should safely inspect your roofing and home for damage. We recommend that you document as you go and take photos and videos of everything that you find. This documentation will help you later on. 

Utilize Short-Term Repairs

If you have leaks and holes in your roof from storm damage, you can create temporary repairs using bucks and pans to catch the water. The goal here is to minimize the damage as best you can. If you find that the damage to your roofing and shingles is minimal, you can potentially cover the damaged area with a tarp until a professional roofing company can inspect the damage and make more long-term repairs.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

To better understand the specific requirements and coverage of your roof insurance policy in the Longview area, you can reach out to your provider. Your insurance agent can guide you through your policy and inform you about the sections that relate to storm damage. 

Choose a Local Roofing Company 

Hiring a local roofing company to repair your damaged roofing will ensure that you are provided with top-notch, durable, and tailored repairs. When you hire a local company, you are choosing a business that has built its business in your city, has knowledge about the weather and building codes, and has experience providing other people in your city with roofing solutions that can withstand the local climate.

Unfortunately, you run the risk of wasting your money on a storm-chasing roofing company when you hire a company from out of town. These types of out-of-town contractors may try to exploit you and provide you with lower-quality and unprofessional workmanship. In comparison, a local company isn’t just chasing a storm and will be able to give you a high-quality, thorough, and timely response to your roofing issues. 


roof storm damage


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