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frequently asked questions

The roof replacement process depends on the complexity and size of your project. On average it takes around a month to get through the entire process from inspection to installation. Actual installation is often just a couple of days. The majority of time is spent waiting on insurance carriers and supply.

Factors that can delay your roof replacement is picking out a shingle type/color, inclement weather and occasionally supply delays for specialty applications.

We encourage you to have one of our experienced project managers perform an inspection with you to help determine if it is an appropriate time to file an insurance claim. Once it is determined a call to your insurance carrier is warranted, our Project Manager will guide you through the claim process from the initial call, all the way through the project conclusion.

Most projects paid for by insurance proceeds typically result in the homeowner only owing their deductible out of pocket. You can check with your carrier to see what your deductible is. It is common for deductibles to be 1% of the value of your home.

Yes! Your insurance company may pay for your storm damaged roof as long as the damage can be documented.
While some hail damage can be seen from below, it is best to evaluate hail damage from a thorough roof inspection. We would be happy to complete a property inspection to determine if you have hail damage.
If your roof is currently insured, it is possible your insurance company will pay for a replacement even, if it is old.
Roof replacement duration depends on the complexity and size of your project. For average homes we can be in and out in 1-2 days.
The re-roofing process can be a messy process as the old shingles, underlayment and nails often break down to small pieces as they are removed. We take pride in leaving your home better than we found it. We utilize a home protection system to limit the transference of debris to your yard and landscaping. Its impossible to guarantee that we won’t leave a single nail behind, but we take all the steps necessary to give you peace of mind and a clean property. Please read over Preparing for Your New Roof for tips on making the installation an easier process.
As we schedule projects, we are planning around known and potential inclement weather threats. If the threat of rain grows to unacceptable levels, we will pause until the weather clears. If there is a surprise shower as can occasionally occur in East Texas, we are prepared with tarps and coverings to protect your property as necessary.
There are many great shingle manufacturers and shingle lines! Our project managers will present different options to you during this process to determine what shingles will work best for your home. We work with several different manufacturers including Certainteed, GAF, Owens Corning, Malarkey, Tamko and IKO.
Interview them! Talk to their references. Make sure they are insured. We have many great roofers in Texas and the best ones are those who offer transparency, honesty and timely communication. We take pride in having extensive experience in the roofing industry and are educated in the full process of installations.
Yes! Waving or “Eating” deductibles is insurance fraud and you should dismiss any company that offers to do so.
It is important for us to inspect the current condition and report to the customer our findings good or bad. This allows the customer to be able to make informed decisions on roof replacements as well as when they may be in the market to sell their home or change insurance companies. It is difficult to make any determinations from ground level.
We are looking for any potential issues that could cause problems as well as any damage that might be the source of active leaks. These issues could be either storm damage, age, or even the effects of poor installation (for example, poor ventilation causing premature wear).
Your home is your largest investment. Just knowing roofing is not as important as knowing and understanding roof parts and systems. There are specific applications for each roof and we intend to apply those parts and systems to protect your home. Having years of experience of product knowledge, installation processes and special circumstances is crucial. Our team has decades of experience and are happy to share that knowledge with you.